Give description of any five medicinal plants

Q- Give description of any five medicinal plants?

Answer- There is several medical plants in India. The most popular medicinal plant with brief description are as follows:

1. Jamun: 

The juice of ripe fruit of this plant is used to prepare vinegar and it also has digestive properties. The powder of the seed is used for controlling diabetes.

2. Arjun:

The fresh juice of Arjun leaves is used to cure ear-ache. It is also used to regulate blood pressure.

3. Babool:

The leaves of Babool are used as a cure for eye-ache. Its gum is also used as tonic.

4. Neem:

Neem has high Antibiotics and anti-bacterial properties. The leaves of Neem are used as Antibiotics.

5. Tulsi Plant:

Tulsi is used to cure cough and cold.

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