Google AdSense if you use CPA or CPM ads on your website!

Google AdSense if you use CPA or CPM ads on your website!

Unless you are an advertiser or an AdSense site builder, you might not know what these terms mean, but they are quite different. They are very relevant if you are an advertiser for an online publisher.

With AdSense, for example, you get paid per click, so the cost to the advertiser is the cost per click. The CPM, however, is the cost per thousand impressions.

To add to the confusion, there is the CPA or cost per acquisition. So what does this mean to you as a website owner and advertiser? With some ad programs, you have a choice of paying or getting paid, depending on which side of the fence you are on, CPC or CPM.

Attractive CPM for high traffic sites

If your site is getting a lot of traffic and the site is general in nature, CPM is attractive. you will get paid every time someone comes to the webpage. But wait: while it looks good, the payouts are very low. You have to attract a certain number of visitors to earn a dollar.

With CPC, you can quickly find what you’re getting paid for and whether it’s worth it. Generally, if you have a niche site, the CPC is better because the people who click on the pages are interested in what is on offer. Plus, by the time they decide to click on the ad, you’ve lost them. They decided to move elsewhere.

More CPM ads available for your site

Most of the ads you can put on your site are paid on a CPC basis or on a monthly basis. CPM is not that common. However, Chitika, which places ads on sites with the same relevance to content as Google AdSense, has just launched CPM banner ads. Like I said, if you get a lot of traffic, it’s worth upgrading to these CPM banners, at least for a month. This is particularly interesting if a high proportion of visitors do not stay on the site for very long.

The benefit of CPC advertising for the publisher is that by changing your keywords, you can make your page receptive to high earning ads. Of course, these keywords should be relevant to the page, but there are many pages where a keyword could be changed without damaging the page. For example, “digital photography” may earn more per click than “digital cameras”, or vice versa. By finding out the payout for both terms, you can then target your site based on the highest payout.

It’s also worth testing CPM and CPC ads whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher. It is also important that you track the success of all your ads.

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