Guest blogging: source of free targeted traffic and new subscribers

Guest blogging: source of free targeted traffic and new subscribers:

New bloggers have always wondered, after writing their great posts, if someone would actually read their posts. You’ve included statistics and analysis tools to check your numbers, but very few seem to come your way. Then you think about how to get more traffic and more subscribers. In the beginning, you would normally prefer free traffic. But how do you get the free traffic you need to grow your subscriber list?

As many successful bloggers have proven, one of the most effective sources of free, targeted traffic is guest blogging. When I started blogging as a guest my traffic grew 200% and my subscriber list grew 200%. The more often you submit articles as a guest blogger, the more positive results you will get.

You will need to find blogs similar to your niche. This will also be useful if you have subscribed to this blog, as you will likely have an indication of the type of posts that are posted there. However, getting your post accepted for guest posting isn’t easy. There are things to consider before submitting your guest post. Here are a few:

1. Identify the owner of the blog.

Read the About blog page. Is the owner relatively well known or is he / she an expert in the industry he / she blogs about?

2. Find out what kind of readers the blog is getting.

What do they hope to read on this blog? What stage of the blog are readers at? Are they generally experienced bloggers? Or are they usually newbie bloggers?

3. Read other articles from guest authors.

What is their writing style? What topics or concerns do they usually deal with?

Is their writing style similar to yours?

4. Read some emails and note the number of comments on guest posts.

The number of comments will give you an indication whether the blog is very active and has a lot of readers or not.

5. Make sure you can devote some of your time

Are you able to view and respond to comments on your post or guest post? Make sure to visit the blog and respond to any comments posted.

6. Write the article

Once you’ve checked the above items, start writing a specially crafted article that you’ll be sure everyone can read. Spend some time on it and if you can, have someone who knows the language recheck your article.

7. Don’t forget to add your background to the email.

When submitting your article, be sure to include all of your relevant experiences related to the topic you are blogging on.

After making all the necessary preparations, you just have to wait for the result. Normally, the blog publisher will notify you when the article is approved and is already published on their blog site.

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