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 What is whatsapp:-

Now a days whatsapp became the most using primary type of messaging app as it is free to use with multifunction though which you can make messages, status, voice messages, voice calls etc. it become most popular due to it’s qualifications as it is free to use and also doesn’t show any kind of ads in it we can make whatsapp groups and also can chat with anyone in our groups and contacts.

history of whatsapp
history of whatsapp

Read the full article because further in article I will cver these point:-

1. History of whatsapp

2. how did whatsapp earn

3. how whatsapp become successful.

4. achievement of whatsapp

So, Lets know about whatsapp:-

1. History of whatsapp:-

· Original author(s)- Brian Acton, Jan Koum

· Developer(s)- Whatsapp INC. (Facebook Inc.)

· Initial release- January2009

· Release for:

history of whatsapp
history of whatsapp

Ø    Ios:- 2.20.110 / October 12, 2020

Ø    Android:- / October 14, 2020

Ø    Android(Beta):- / October 15, 2020

· Written in:- Erlang

· Operating system:- Android, IOS, KaiOS and webapp that work when connected with mobile app

Whatsapp was founded by Brian Acton, Jan Koum who were the workers of yahoo and have work for 20 years there. They decided to create a messaging app. They left yahoo in 2007, They spent some time in South Africa after leaving job in yahoo they also tried for job in facebook but they were not appointed to job

history of whatsapp
history of whatsapp

In January 2009 the visit to koum’s friend named Alex Fishman to discuss about massaging app that would “show the statuses next to the individual names of the people”. They say that to develop that type of messaging app they need iphone  developer. Fishman visited RentACoder.com, and founded Russian coder Igor, after that they also decided the name of the messaging app (Whatsapp), which sounds as”whats up”.

2. how whatsapp become successful.

Their first headquarter established at Mountain View, California, United States but at first whatsapp crashes again and again due to which koum decided to give-up and start searching a job but his friend support him to not to give-up and wait for 2-3 months during these days In june 2009, Apple launches push notification allow user to pinged when they were not using an app seeing that koum 

history of whatsapp
history of whatsapp

changed wahtsapp and now whatsapp send notification in all user which were in contact of any user who change status due to this whatsapp started getting popular and now they gain many active users of whatsapp. Now whatsapp become popular many companies started investing in whatsapp they decided to make whatsapp paid because they want to earn money from whatsapp without displaying ads in it.

On Fabruary 2014, whatsapp Inc got amount of $16 Billion in which they get $4 Billion in cash and $12 Billion in remaining facebook shares.

3. how did whatsapp earn:-

When the owner of wahtsapp was whatsapp Inc. they make it paid users have to pay yearly to use the services of whatsapp but On Fabruary 2014, whatsapp Inc got amount of $16 Billion in which they get $4 Billion in cash and $12 Billion in remaining facebook shares. So facebook Inc decided to make it free but they also want to earn money from whatsapp without any advertisement so they make a new way to earn money from whatsapp 

history of whatsapp
history of whatsapp

without disturbing users by showing advertisements or making it paid. They decided to do affiliate with whatsapp as they track all your data which you receive or send in whatsapp and sell them to safe and trusted companies like amazon, flipkart etc.

due to which you don’t have to pay any amount for using whatsapp and also whatsapp is ads free. You can also observe if you tell you friend or chat with your friend about buying a new phone in whatsapp after that when you search anything in google or found advertisement anywhere you can observe all the ads which were shown to you were related to mobiles because they send your data to amazon or flipkar due to which they started showing you ads related to your chat to increase their selling in this way whatsapp generate profit.

4. achievement of whatsapp:-

Now a days whatsapp have became the primary messaging and text or image sharing platform in which you can send messages, receive message, create whatsapp groups through which you can share you message with many people at same time, you can see anyone’s status which were in your network, you can send voice and also can make voice calls as well as many other useful functions were provided by whatsapp for free you don’t have to pay any cost and also you don’t have see any kind of advertisement, due to these qualities whatsapp become world famous messaging platform or means of 

history of whatsapp
history of whatsapp

communication through text messages or voice messages. Whatsapp is also very secure as its all messages which you make to you friend or you friend make to you were end to end encrypted and there is also very low chance of getting tracked in whatsapp.

Now a days if you buy smartphone whasapp is already installed in every phone while it  is  android or ios this is due to its widely use in all over the world whatsapp have also two types of themes like dark mode and light mode and you can also change background of whatsapp genuinely this multifeatured mobile app also can be use in computer (PC or MAC) with the support of chrome or another browser for that you have to only search for whatsapp web and scan the code which appear on your computer screen with your whatsapp after that you can access you same account of whatsapp in your pc this increase the experience of using whatsapp it is also very intrusting trick not only that whatsapp web is also free to use without any disturbing ads on your computer (PC, MAC) screen and now a days whatsapp is the most downloaded app in the world it has above 850 Million downloads all over the world that is because of intelligence and hard work of whatsapp Inc. and facebook Inc.

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