How are the scope of rights expanded

Q- How are the scope of rights expanded?

Answer- The Constitution provides several fundamental rights to the citizens of that country. But protection of that right is also the responsibility of constitution of that country. Fundamental rights are guaranteed against the actions of legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary by the government of that particular country.

The scope of rights expanded in various ways for various fundamental rights.

Certain rights such as right to education, right to freedom of press, right to information e.t.c. are derived from fundamental rights. Nowadays school education has become a right for all citizens of India. Due to this right all the children below 14 year had to gain education in schools. 

Constitution of India provides many more rights, which may not be fundamental rights. For example, the right to property is not included in Fundamental rights but it is a constitutional rights. Sometimes, the expansion in what way is called human rights. These are universal moral claims that may or may not have been recognised by law. 

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