How are voter’s choices fulfilled by elections

Q- How are voter’s choices fulfilled by elections?

Answer- In election the voters get an opportunity to elect representative of their own choice and in free an fair elections the voters have right to choose representative who they found better and want to make rules for them. So, they can also vote for a political party whose policies they found the best among others.

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There are some set of rules that had to be followed in every election to make them free and fair. These rules prevent all kind of illegal practices or cheating in elections. These rules and regulations are given below one by one. You can read them all.

  • Every person should have one vote and every vote should be of one value.
  • No one can force any one for voting to any particular political party or candidate.
  • No political party or candidate should do any kind of violence. This might leads to legal punishment.
  • Political parties cannot buy voters through money in elections as this is illegal according to election commission.

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