how did raikas of rajasthan practise cattle rearing

Q- How did Raikas of Rajasthan practise cattle rearing?


·They are groups of people who lived in deserts of Rajasthan.

·On group of Raikas- known as Maru Raikas who usually herded camels and other sheep and goats.

·By October, when grazing groups were dry and exhausted, they moved out in search of other pastures and water, and returned again during the next monsoon.

·So the Raikas combined cultivation with pastoralism.

·During the monsoon, the Raikas of Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner stayed in their home villages, where pastures was available.

·The rainfall in the region is less and uncertain. On cultivated land, harvest fluctuated every year. Over vast stretches, no crop could be grown.

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