how did the british make the chinese addicted to opium

Q- How did the British make the Chinese addicted to opium?

Answer- The Portuguese introduced opium into China but at that time it was only used for medical purpose. The Chinese Emperor of that time was aware about the addiction of opium that’s why he banned opium in China. Only opium was cultivated in a very small scale for medical purpose.

The British want to make Chinese people addicted to opium so; they transport opium to china through sea ports illegally by local people who was hired by British. Then that opium was sent to Chinese market as drugs. After few years approximately each and every people of China was now addicted to opium this made it easy for Britain to sell opium to china.

In this way the British make the Chinese addicted to opium.

The main motive of Britain behind making china addicted of opium was that they want to get Chinese tea but for it they had to pay silver coins of bullion. This leads to drainage of their treasury so they made all Chinese people addicted to opium to exchange goods from china.

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