How did the Mensheviks resist the protest of Bolsheviks

Q- How did the Mensheviks resist the protest of Bolsheviks?

Answer- The Mensheviks resist the protest of the Bolsheviks by taking some major actions. These are given below:

1. Through forming many committees in Industries who questions the Industrialists about the actual way they ran the factories. 

2. The Mensheviks formed many Trade Unions soldier’s committees in the army. 

3. In June month about 500 representatives of the Soviets were sent to an All Russian Congress of Soviet, as the provisional government saw the grip of the Bolsheviks to become stronger so they finally decided to take stern measures against the widely spreading discontent.

4. The government arrested several popular leaders of Bolsheviks as they held demonstrations against the provincial government.

5. Several troops were trained and sent by the provincial government to protect many important government buildings such as telephone, telegraphs, winter palace, etc.

6. The provincial government seized two popular newspaper printing buildings of Bolsheviks.

These are some of the actions that were taken to resist the protest of the bolsheviks. In these actions, the provincial government is also with Mensheviks. Here our answer to the above question is finished. The question given above is about Bolsheviks and Mensheviks that were two popular groups in Russia. If you notice anything missing in this answer. In that case, you can tell us in the comment section and follow our blog now to get the latest updates after it is published. The question given above is very important as per the class 9th examinations perspective. If you are studying in class 9th. So, we have very helpful stiff for you that are some very important questions of social science.

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Now we are going to tell you a little about a very important topic that is mostly related to the above question that is ‘how did the mensheviks resist the protest of bolsheviks‘. So, this all is only for your extra knowledge. If you want to improve your basic information then you can read the content given below:

The Mensheviks are one of the most dominant factions of the Russian Socialist movement. There are mainly three dominant factions in Russia at that time. This faction was held in the year 1903 because of a very big dispute in Russia that is between Vladimir Lenin and Julius Martov within the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. The Russian Socialist Labor Party is also called RSDLP in short form. This dispute that leads to the division of the Russian Socialist movement begins at the time of the second congress of the Russian Social democratic Labor Party. This division is caused due to some very minor issues between people. When it is time to choose the editorial committee of Iskra. So, Julius Martov and Vladimir Lenin both have different opinions on that case. Martov’s only stated that he should work under the guidance of a Party organization whereas Vladimir Lenin’s formulation required the party member to be a member of one of the Party’s organizations. 

This leads to the division of the Russian Social democratic Labor Party. In it, the people who supported Julius Martov joined Mensheviks, and those who supported Vladimir Lenin joined Bolsheviks in Russia. In this way, these two committees were formed in Russia. After it, there were several disputes among both Menshevik and Bolsheviks. Further, this leads to the Revolt of the year 1917. If you do not know about the Revolution of 1917. So, we are here you tell you about in short. The revolution of 1917 was held in Russia that was occurred due to several disputes among people of different groups. After the overthrown of the Romanov dynasty by the revolution of February 1917. The leader of Mensheviks demanded the government to pursue a ‘fair peace without any annexation’ but the meantime supported the war efforts through the slogan of ‘defense of the revolution. 

In March and April month of the year 1917, the Menshevik leaders conditionally supported the newly formed liberal Russian Provisional Government. After the collapse of the first Provisional Government on second May over the issue of annexations, The Tsereteli convinced the Mensheviks to strengthen the government for the sake of “saving the revolution in Russian Empire” and enter a socialist-liberal coalition with Socialist-Revolutionaries as well as the liberal Constitutional Democrats, which they did on 17th May. Along with the return of Martov from the European exile in early May, the left-wing of the party challenged the party’s majority led by Tsereteli at the first post-revolutionary party conference on 9 May. But the right-wing prevailed it. 

The Mensheviks had at least one representative in the Provisional Government until it was overthrown by the Bolsheviks during the October Revolution of Russia. Along with the diversion or division of Mensheviks and Bolsheviks in Russia, The Mensheviks and all the other non-factional democratic returned from the exile of Europe and the United States of America in spring-summer of 1917 were forced to take sides. Some re-joined the Mensheviks. At the same time, there were several people who joined the bolshevik group. One of the most popular people of that time who joined the Bolsheviks is Alexandra Kollontai.

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