How to earn money working part time

How to earn money working part time:

On the one hand, it seems like the ideal situation, making some extra money with the web while still keeping your day job. But how convenient is it to do so? For starters, this is by no means realistic for all types of web businesses, for example with a full online store. So I’m talking about a proper ecommerce site where you take orders and ship products to customers. Don’t get me wrong, an eCommerce store is a lot less labor-intensive than a real one, but you still have all the usual headaches like dealing with customers, returns and inventory management, etc. marketing and site development, there’s no way to handle it when you get home from work. In fact, something like selling on eBay could be a chore as well, anything that involves a lot of communication with people will take a long time.

I hear a lot of talk about passive income these days, but I think a lot of people have the wrong concept. It is not income without work, but it does mean that the business does not need constant attention to make money, you can often devote time to it which is ideal for many people. . So what is the system and how much does it cost? Well, I don’t sell a system to start with, but in short I make money by building sites that I then sell advertising on, the great thing about this concept is that I am not responsible to no one. How much time you want / need to spend is really up to you, but in the end, you will be solely responsible for your success.

There are other great small businesses that are making money off the net, but if you want to start part-time then:

You cannot spend too much time dealing / negotiating with people.

You shouldn’t need to check in every day, you only want to spend time when you have it.

Not a lot of investment (I guess if you’re willing to do 2 jobs, you’re not rich!)

You want to focus on learning one or two core skills, you don’t have time to learn everything.

What’s great is that construction sites really tick all of the above boxes and it becomes very accessible for non-technical people to start with. But since I’m not trying to sell e-books or overpriced pyramid schemes, there is no need to promise a magic bullet that will do the job for you. Learning is still complex and takes time, but if it was easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

On a somewhat unrelated note, check out the Jim Rohn video above, he just found out about his stuff recently, but he’s got some really good points (not just the Anthony Robbins hype). Until next time.

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