How to generate income online

How to generate income online:

Welcome to the wonderful world of happiness !!

Do you like to shop like me? Yah …… I know your answer is a big YES!

Purchases,…. Shopping, …… Shopping,… and more Shopping. Interesting, really very interesting!

But if you want to keep shopping like this, your wallet has to work magic by filling it over and over with money.

Yes my friend here is something very interesting for all of us to have such a magical wallet!

It’s not just a shopping friend, it’s your restaurant meals, vacations, hospital expenses, tuition, phone bills, and anything else you can imagine that needs to be paid!

Do you want it… ..?

So read on.

I present to you a wonderful concept generated by Mr. Noel Decruz from India and presented to the world. It is an excellent concept of patent pending developed by him by adopting Mother Nature. Nature works on the principle of Re-Cycling.

To understand its concept, I take the example that we all know. The well accepted and admired credit card system. Like any new idea, when credit cards were introduced it was hard to believe. People were reluctant to apply for a credit card. But now it’s a common thing and we all know it. Most of us carry at least one in our purses. Sometimes it helps to move on with our lives. We all know the pros and cons of credit cards as consumers.

Let’s take a look at how credit cards benefit points of sale.

1. It guarantees a foolproof method of trading on credit.

2. Accepting credit cards results in more customers.

3. Sales volume per customer increases due to impulse buying.

Now let’s take a look at what points of sale need to do to be able to accept credit cards. They sign an agreement with the credit card marketing companies (like banks and other financial institutions) meeting the prerequisites like initial cash deposit, purchase or rental of necessary equipment, etc. They will also have to agree on a predetermined percentage of the sales volumes generated by the credit cards in the form of commission. Usually it varies from 2 to 3%. The merchant is reimbursed for the transaction cost by the credit card companies after the commission is reduced. It is therefore clear that the merchant must save around 3% of the sales volume in order to join the club of merchant establishments of credit card companies.

The above commission is shared by the credit card company and its marketing associates. It is profit for them. But nothing is given to consumers. Apart from this, the consumer also pays extra money in the form of interest, late fees etc.

We also know that many of us have been trapped in credit card debt. The above system has been described just to gain an understanding of the credit card system.

The new concept I am introducing is not like that at all. It is simply a global loyalty program.

You understand the meaning of loyalty. Today, every merchant struggles to retain customers. In this system, customers receive monetary rewards for their loyalty to merchants linked to this system. Let us see how this fidelity is ensured. The system assures consumers that all the money you spent in the outlets of this system is returned in multiples after a period of time depending on the overall volume of transactions.

So my friend, I come to the point that you will get rich online !!!

Money to reimburse customer expenses is generated from an amount saved by the outlets. Suppose there is something called Global Loyalty Pool to collect all this money.

And don’t worry. There is not a huge amount of money for merchants to save. It only represents 3% of the amount of the transaction. So nothing really much.

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