How To Make Money Fast

How To Make Money Fast:

Ok so I was thinking about it today. If I started out of nowhere and had to learn how to make money fast on the Internet, what would I do? This is one of those weird hypothetical questions, because what exactly are the rules of the game? If you say that I don’t have the knowledge or the resources that I currently have to help me, that makes a big difference. But anyway aside from the technicalities, I wanted to look into it because I think it’s a question that every new person in internet business is asking. One thing I want to clarify is how much money we are talking about and what kind of timelines it is. There are so many get-rich-quick scams on the net these days that promise millions overnight with no work that I want to be realistic with people about what can be achieved. So what I’m going to look at is how easy it would be for someone completely new to the industry to make an extra £ 500 a month part-time (I’m going to assume most of you still have day jobs).

Content writing. I have mentioned this one on the blog before and really see it as a legitimate source of income that you can get started with right away. The thing about writing content is that you don’t really get paid up front. This is because there is a wide price range when it comes to the quality of the content as people use the content for all kinds of purposes. Most of the prices are in US cents and I have seen quotes ranging from 1 penny per word up to 3 pennies. There was a post from a guy on where he explains how he started his online business just by writing guest posts for other bloggers. Looks like he was actually making enough money, but I think the key to his success was developing a steady deal directly with bloggers looking for great content. So there was no middleman and he wrote quality content for about 3c a word. He says he was only working around 2-3 hours a day but making over £ 600 a month which is very impressive. So it sounds good to lean in, but you’re going to have to wait a while before the bigger paychecks start rolling in.

Website creation. So, as you can all guess, this is my favorite method of making money, because it is the one I have spent most of my internet career on. It is a method with a solid foundation because as long as there is an internet there will be people surfing to try to buy things and if you can attract these people (even if it is a small number) , there is money to be made. There is no doubt that this technique is much more technical than the last of just writing content for money, but the great thing is that a website can make you money while you sleep, labor intensive things like content creation can be more like a 9 5 job. A major problem with the website is the time it takes to get results. Since Google and the other search engines will be one of your main sources of customers, you should realize that it may take a few months before you get traction there. Yet webmasters who have mastered the overall skill are often able to generate money quickly.

So this method is very unusual and it’s something that I only recently learned about myself. The good thing though is that it seems like a really quick way to make some extra cash, indeed some of the numbers I’ve seen indicate that it is possible to make around £ 500 in a week or two with it. I first read the idea on the registry which is a computer news site. They usually don’t have a history of how to make money on the Internet, but this idea of ​​”playing for free” caught my eye. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate gambling as a way to make money because I hardly ever do it myself. I don’t even play the lottery because I think it’s a system to keep people lazy and stupid. Either way, you may or may not know that many online betting sites offer cash bonuses for new players or what are known as “free bets”. They can do this because of the huge potential value of a new customer on these betting sites. The “free bet” can range from £ 10 to £ 100 and is added to your account as soon as you sign up. However, the point is that you generally cannot not use it until you deposit an equal amount of your own money by credit card, and then need to wager the full amount (and hopefully win) to claim it. Ok so no secrets for now but there are also a lot of sites that allow you to bet on a losing team like Betfair etc and that means you can bet against yourself i.e. the bet free on the other site. So normally when you bet against yourself the two bets cancel out, but when some of the money is free (i.e. 50% of a bet) you are guaranteed to ‘a return. Now, the return probably won’t be huge, as you can expect a profit of between 60% and 70%. So on a bet of £ 200 of which 50% is free, you could possibly make between £ 10 and £ 30 in profit depending on fees and other conditions. This amount of profit, however, if you consider the large number of betting sites that have introductory offers, it may not seem like a lot, it is clear that you can make a lot of money very quickly. The original article here probably explains this better than I do, but I hope I got through the basics.

I actually have a few more ideas for making a quick buck, but I don’t want to confuse people with more ideas than they need as the internet is often quite confusing. It’s also worth noting that if something is too good to be true, chances are all of the methods detailed above require reasonable work to get feedback. Even with the latest “game” idea, you have to keep detailed track of what you’re doing and spend time signing up to all of those sites and adding your details, nothing easy lol. I always hope this gives you some inspiration to make money fast on the internet.

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