How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube:

YouTube is therefore part of the top 5 most visited sites on the net, it is addictive and has several million viewers who connect every day. And it is because of its global reach that many leading global advertising agencies and brands are starting to use the site to sell to advertisers. I remember only a few years ago, when YouTube didn’t even have ads, there were only a few banners at most. But these days almost every time you watch a video there is some kind of advertisement at the beginning, annoying to a point, but I guess they have to make some money too!

So what does all of this mean to you? Well, there is money to be made on YouTube, but since everything is not easy and you absolutely have to put your own spin on it.

YouTube Partner Program

So, as I mentioned, YouTube now shows ads before many videos start playing, what’s new is that you can now get paid a percentage of the money YouTube earns from using it. the ad if they show it on your video. So before you buy this Ferrari know that the amount per view is very low and the only way to make real £££ is if the video goes viral. The point is, it is possible to go viral anywhere it is online because if you create something like that people can be all over the web in a matter of days and that’s where the real money comes in. For example, the video of Charlie biting my finger (which I really don’t get) makes over £ 100,000 for the creator.

A few things to keep in mind with the partner program:

All works must be 100% original (you must own the rights)

To be accepted, you must regularly post videos

Your video needs to make over £ 60 before it gets paid (so you can’t make millions of low-quality videos)

Sponsored Videos

If you have a knack for creating viral content or even just something people are interested in, Sponsored Videos might be an easier way to make money than Partner Program. Big brands are really starting to embrace viral marketing because it gives them the potential to reach millions of people overnight for a fraction of the cost of TV advertising. A good example is the “Old spice guy” ads (yes, those are ads) on YouTube which went really viral last year. Over a hundred million hits mostly from a guy talking in a bathroom!

So how do you get these kinds of jobs? Well you have to get noticed, start by making some free videos for a local business and if that works you can bet other businesses / advertisers will contact you. But there are two important points:

You also need to promote the product / service and not just make a “fun video”, remember it’s all about the advertiser’s money!

You need precise numbers when you show up for work, being able to show over a million views on a video will be very impressive for any business owner.

Promote your own site / blog / product

You don’t just have to promote other people’s products or rely on YouTube to pay you pennies per thousand views! You can use the video to promote your own business or website. Again, with this and the other methods of making money, you need to be able to create videos that people want to watch and share. But if you have that ability, it’s a great way to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.

All you need to do is watermark your video with your website address (don’t forget to put it in the description as well) and people can visit your site if they like what. they see. Also, since YouTube is owned by Google, they are starting to embed YouTube videos in some search results. Indeed, for some high value terms on Google, a YouTube video is often way ahead of the big established sites, it’s an amazing opportunity to make money if you have the right skills to create content.

They are all people

So here is my overview on YouTube! As you can see in order to make money, there is no simple 1-2-3 process, for starters you need a lot of people (think thousands) to view your video before you win real money. But there are also a lot of opportunities, especially the ‘sponsored videos’ option, could be a pretty cool job if you had a job creating viral videos for an ad agency, would that be like crazy? Until next time.

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