In what manner does the election commission monitor the election campaign

Q- In what manner does the Election Commission monitor the election campaigns?

Answer- Election Commission is an independent body same as the judiciary in India. There is no political control over it. Election Commission helps in holding elections in a free and fair manner.

The Election Commission of India monitors the election campaigns in the following ways:

1. Election Commission implements a code of conduct in elections and no political party or its candidate can violate it. If anyone does this so he was punished.

2. In Elections the entire government officer works under Election Commission, not the government. This decreases the chances of the government’s pressure on officers.

3. During elections the government had to follow some guidelines of the Election Commission that were made to held elections in a free and fair manner.

4. The Election Commission plays a vital role in elections. The election commission conducts and control elections from the announcement to the result declaration.

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