In which regions of India does “Elongated low pressure Area” develop

Q- In which regions of India does ‘Elongated low pressure Area’ develop?

Answer- The regions in India where ‘Elongated low pressure Area’ develop are given below:

1. The region from the Thar desert towards the Chotanagpur and Patna plateau region. In this region low pressure develops in the end of May month. This low pressure causes because of the falling air pressure and increase in temperature due to summer in northern region.

So, the ‘Elongated low pressure Area’ expands from the desert in the northern-west to Patna and Chotanagpur plateau in the east and the southeast.

In above answer we told you about the regions of India in which elongated low pressure areas develop. Now after this topic we are going to tell you about the meteorology of low pressure area in little detail.

A low pressure are refers to the area where the atmospheric pressure is lower than the surrounding location. The process through which low pressure areas develop is commonly known as cyclogenesis. Cyclogenesis can be occur in various scales that are from micro scales and towards the smaller scale. According to several meteorologists and meteorology the divergence aloft occurs mainly due to two factors. These two factors are the main axis for the occurrence of divergence aloft.

1. The first one includes the area in the eastern region of upper troughs which started forming rossby waves.

2. The second one includes the area where divergence of wind occur ahead of embedded shortwave trough. The shortwave trough are the trough with small wavelength.

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