How to Increase search ranking of your website or blog

Starting a blog is easy with the help of WordPress, but everyone faces problems getting visitors to the blog. Having visitors is always a focal point for every blogger. More visitors means more benefits. When I started my blog, due to little knowledge of blogging, SEO, writing skills, I never hit a good number of numbers to attract visitors. Slowly I learned SEO and now my blog has a good amount of visitors and I am getting a nice traffic. I will explain the few points here, by which we can attract organic and other visitors in a short time.

Search engine optimization:

SEO is one of the fundamental and important elements of any blog. SEO is the main factor in attracting organic visitors. Organic visitors refers to the number of visitors from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These visitors play a huge role in any blog, if we have a good ranking in the search engine, more visitors will follow our blog.There are many ways to do SEO for a blog.I use the WordPress platform, so I ‘uses some essential plugins that help me do SEO without These plugins push our articles to various search engines every time we write a new post.

Here are some plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO, SEO Friendly Images.These plugins can help us in terms of SEO. Submission of XML sitemap to Google is also an important factor. Google and Bing help us get a lot of traffic when we submit sitemap with them. Once approved, slowly our blog post gets a ranking and draws visitors to the blog.

Link building:

On-page SEO contains the basic keywords, image optimization, off-page SEO contains link building, social networking, etc. Improve our search engine rankings, and Goolge likes to authenticate blog more. Listing building is mostly done by commenting on various high ranking blogs, follow blogs. make blog comments on good quality, high ranking blogs.


Update the blog post frequently:

Yes, this is another great point to attract visitors to the blog, when we update our blog with beautiful informative articles, our readers feel more comfortable and they come back again and again to read new information. So we have to keep our blog up to date and by this Google also keep an eye on the blog, and we will get more visitors from search engine. Update blog dose does not mean that we have to write information, our readers do not read our blog that if we have unique articles and useful information for our Then write this point down as well.

Social Marketing:

Inorganic traffic is also large. This traffic mainly comes from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon. These sites can send huge traffic if our post is very useful. In fact, it can be like virus and send a huge amount of traffic.

Share your articles with Facebook, Google plus. Submitting articles to various forums and stumbling across a website is also a good option to quickly attract visitors to our blog.

Here are some methods by which we can drive huge traffic to our blog and attract blog visitors, slowly build readership with our blog readers, if you have any questions and suggestions, please share them in the comments area.

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