“India has a large coastline which is advantageous”. Explain

Q- “India has a large coastline which is advantageous”. Explain.

Answer- We all knows that India has a very big coastline and it is absolutely correct that large coastline of India is very advantageous because having large coastline enhances security of country from attack of any other neighbouring country and also provides economical benefit because people can do some primary activities in water bodies such as salt production, fishing etc. But according to the question all the advantages of large coastline of India are as follows:

1. The coastline of India provides the best sea route for trade to all other European countries from India.

2. Most of the people in coastal areas earn their livelihood through fishing so that having large coastline has an economical benefit.

3. India had a very huge trade of fish due to large coastline.

4. Water Bodes such as ocean provides employment to lots of people in coastal areas. In this way having large coastline help in providing employment to people.

5. There are many coastal areas in India that are used as tourist places. These tourist places are also a very bi source of Income for India because every year many tourists came on those spots to spend their vacations.

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