Is it true that high incidence of malnutrition prevails among women

 Q- Is it true that high incidence of malnutrition prevails among women?

Answer:- Yes it is absolutely true that high incidence of malnutrition prevails among women. This is not only a true statement but it is also a serious matter because high incidence of malnutrition prevails among women due to inequality in society. This is all because of the thinking of people in societies specially in Indian society. In some villages women doesn’t have equal rights as compare to men, girls are not allowed to go to schools due to which they are unable to do work or get jobs. Girls child in villages are not treated equally and have not right to utilize resources. They are just treated as a worker who only had to do household works.

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Malnutrition is a very serious concern in a country. In case of country India it is very common among women or females as in Indian society females were not given equal important as compared to male. There are many rural areas in India where most of the people have mentality to suppress female and do not allow them to study. They only want girls to be engaged in household work only. Because of these kinds of mentality females found it very difficult for them to become independent and this made them prevails to malnutrition. There are several cases in India where the pregnant women are suffering from malnutrition and this also affects their baby’s health.

Beside malnutrition if any person is suffering fro deficiency of nutrition or malnutrition so he/she cannot do any work properly or with full potential. This further affects the economy of that country. The pregnant women who are suffering from malnutrition have very less chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. 

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