Make Money in 2021 – Freelance for Beginners

Make Money in 2021 – Freelance for Beginners:

So I feel a little bored and guess this is never a perfect way to start an article, although I have to admit that some of my best ideas come from just messing around on the internet and seeing what works, and the more often this works. not. Anyway, it’s the new year in a day or two and I wondered how people (and I) plan to make money in 2011. What new ideas are you going to have? What old ideas will you finally act on or do even better?

The biggest problem with making money on the Internet is the number of options (and scams). How do you pick something that sticks to it and make it work? So for this article I wanted to focus on the ways you can actually work for a living online as opposed to passive income from websites etc. which I mentioned recently. Now, I know that creating passive income sounds very appealing, but the point is that it’s usually only passive once you’ve done a huge amount of work that you get to a point where the income goes. retain of themselves. What if you just needed to make some quick (ish) cash right away?

So obviously the first thing you need to establish is the competence you have to offer to the market. There are a number of skills that are in high demand on the net if you can really deliver (this is important enough). Some but not all:

Content writing

Graphic design (photoshop, etc.)

Programming (php, asp, coldfusion)

SEO services (link building, on-site optimization)

Ok, you might have noticed that all of these services are quite “outdated” and 100% IT related. Well, if you want to work from home and get paid well, this really is the only game in town. The great thing about IT companies is that they are much more open than traditional companies to working with people overseas. If you can get the job done right and on time, they don’t really care.

So how do you get those big clients who will want to pay you millions to access your brain? That’s a big question and it would probably be easier to tell you how NOT to do it, but I don’t mean to be negative. The key point is that you want potential customers to come to you instead of sending out hundreds of unread email requests. Believe me, when a customer unexpectedly emails you asking what your services are, it’s always much easier to sell. So, in order for clients to notice you and your work, you need to stand out from the online crowd (it can get quite crowded). For example, do you sell SEO services? Then rank a site for a popular term, within a week you will be emailing other SEO companies about advertising etc when they do – mention that you are familiar with SEO as well. If you are a designer enter the best online design contests or even design and amazing site for a charity to stand out.

The most important point I have to make in order to make money by offering services is that repeat business is essential, both for your income and your stress level. You see, getting new customers is expensive and time consuming in and of itself, but there’s also the time it takes just to figure out what that person really wants. However, if you are lucky enough to find someone who needs to repeat IE work on a monthly basis, you can devote all of your time to building the relationship with them and delivering the perfect job.

There are many places to start, both to list your services and find clients. Are few:

Digitalpoint fourms

There’s actually a lot more to it, but there’s no point in posting about them all, focusing on a few, and building a reputation.

I know some of you might get a little fed up at this point if you don’t have any of these skills to offer. The only thing I can say is that webmaster / website related activities make up a big part of the online working world that you really need to learn the skills if you want to earn real money with freelancing. You should also keep in mind the many benefits you get from working online / freelance, such as choosing your own working hours and working from anywhere in the world (this is particularly important. is true if you want to move to a place with a low cost of living). It might not be as hard as you think, I remember when I got my first PHP / MYsql book it felt like a whole new world opened up. I couldn’t believe how much stuff you could get with just a few hours of reading.

So this post is not as “magical” as some you will find in the money making world on the net, but again, isn’t it better to be realistic than to just sell you a program? to get rich for 100 easy payments? What I’m really saying is that with a little work it is possible to create real income from the net, even if it is just a supplement to your main “job”. I myself know how much of a difference an extra £ 500 per month would make for most people, it could literally change their life.

So what am I going to do in 2021? Well I’m really hoping to develop all of my websites to their full potential which I know it’s going to take a little more work and probably a little more understanding on my part of how this internet marketing works (I don’t have not all the pieces of the puzzle yet). Anyway, I also hope to bring you some more interesting and hopefully entertaining articles in the New Year. Here is an exciting new year!

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