Name the criteria used by R.H Whittaker for five Kingdoms of life

Q- Name the criteria used by R.H Whittaker for five-kingdoms of life.

Answer- Whittaker is the scientist you give the method of binomial nomenclature. It is a kind of method to divide the entire organisms in the world into different groups or categories. According to him the entire organisms of the world is divided into five main top category that is kingdom.

The five kingdoms of classification given by Whittaker are as follows:

1. Monera

2. Porifera

3. Fungi

4. Plantae

5. Animalia

There are many factors or criteria that are used by R.H Whittaker to classify organism into five kingdoms. Some of the main factors of classification are as follows:

1. Mode of nutrition

2. Complexity of cell structure

3. Complexity of body structure.

4. Phylogenetic relationship

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