Name two advantages of Exotic breeds of over the indigenous breeds of fowls

Q- Name two advantages of exotic breeds over the indigenous breeds of fowls.

Answer- It is absolutely right that a number of exotic poultry breeds have been introduced in India because the desi or indigenous breed or poultry birds such as Aseel, Ghagus, Brahma e.t.c. are small sized and lays less number of eggs and meat. To increase the egg production and availability of meat from poultry birds the exotic breeds are introduced in India as they provide more flash or meat and lays more egg as compared to indigenous breed of poultry bird. 

But nowadays the hybrid of indigenous as well as exotic poultry breed were feed to get more profit as the hybrid bird has dominant characters of both parental birds. 

The two main advantages of exotic breeds over the indigenous breeds of fowls are as follows:

1. The exotic breed of fowls are high egg laying or producing.

2. The exotic breeds of fowls provide more flash.

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