Reap the rewards of the Best Social Networking sites

Reap the rewards of the best social networking sites

When you approach the term “best social media networking sites” you might think of the big dogs that started out at the very beginning, a few that have dominated much of the internet from the very beginning. There are hundreds of social bookmarking, social networking, and social media sites that have led the way from the start. Take a look at some of the best social networking sites listed here in this article.


One of the very first networking sites….

MySpace, is one of the best social networking sites. MySpace is one of the very first social media sites. It has gained popularity, especially among the younger generation today. There is something to share with anyone interested in music, TV, books, videos, photos, and profiles. MySpace allows you to maintain a list of your friends, a personal profile, pictures, other forms of communication, so that you can network and stay in touch with people around the world.


With a little ingenuity, you can take advantage of the networking opportunities offered by MySpace. But, you have to stick to the site’s terms of service.


The Great Microblogging Networking Site….

Here is another one of the best social networking sites, yes I am talking about Twitter ( very popular with almost everyone, young and old, rich or poor, on every walk of life . Twitter has a very special form of networking for its members called microblogging. You can create micro-blogs in a micro-format. Your followers to your Twitter feed can keep up to date with your activity through all of your microblogging updates, just like your RSS feed through today’s standard blog.


Like any other top social networking site, you will need to use a bit of skill to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities on Twitter. The great thing about Twitter is that your followers are a very targeted group of people and potential customers.

Take the world by storm….

Facebook ( is one of the best social networking sites that has taken the world by storm. Facebook is a very large-scale social networking site with a reputation for providing a variety of means of communication and community facilitation. If you are into different apps and games, Facebook will fill out the invoice for you.


The emphasis is on blogs….

Livejournal ( is a blogging platform social networking site focused on blogging. Each user gets a blog account, users can join communities and leave their comments in other blogs or newspapers, so that they can network with other users around the world.


The emphasis is on sharing photos….

Flickr, ( has a very distinctive social networking outline for the reason that it revolves around photo sharing. Users can create accounts and fill them with their beloved photos, while other users can leave their comments. Photos on Flickr can be commented on, tagged, edited and shared, making it easy to communicate and network just through photography.


Focused on sharing media and news….

Various websites has a very unique form of social media networking, it revolves around sharing media and news with other users in the community. Digg’s goal is to allow users to reveal news and other media, and then allow other members to comment and rate media based on popularity. Thus, the more users “dig” a certain media or information, the more popular it will become in the community. These are just a few of the best social networking sites and certainly not all of the internet. But if you are looking to market your business opportunity or your services and products, this is the way to go.

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