Basic SEO tips for blogging that every blogger should remember

Basic SEO tips for blogging that every blogger should remember:

Let us discuss the basic SEO tips you need to keep in mind when starting a blog or blog post.

Using the personalized permalink

Always use a personalized permalink for your blog post. Blogger doesn’t have a lot of options to change the permalink to suit your needs. The only thing we can use is the custom permalink, use this option when writing a post. Avoid the stop word in the link and make sure the title length is no more than 50 characters. See the image below for information on how to change the permalink using the custom permalink option.

Using the search description

Every blog should have these meta tags on its home page

Meta Title

Meta Description

Meta Keywords

A meta title length should not exceed 70 characters, it is best to keep it below 60, and an SEO friendly meta description should not exceed 150 characters. Meta keywords might not be a big deal in SEO 2015, but you can keep it under 500 characters in length.

Never fill in any keywords in these meta tags, use meaningful phrases in the title and description and you can use your keyword 2-3 times in the description.

As we know, the blogging platform doesn’t offer a lot of options than WordPress. WordPress has plugins that can boost your SEO and most of them are free and user friendly.

When it comes to bloggers, most bloggers forget about the meta description of individual posts. Using a meta description for each article can increase your search engine presence.

Learn more about How to add meta tags to blogger posts?

Internal link

Most bloggers either show no interest or never know the importance of internal linking. Internal links not only increase your blog pageviews, but also help your post improve search engine rankings. Always remember to build internal links when writing a blog post.

External links and advice

Always link your blog post to high authority websites or blogs, this can increase your page authority as well. Remember to use the “rel = nofollow” attribute for your external links.

Basic SEO tips for blogging
Basic SEO tips for blogging

Social sharing

 “Social” has become one of the important factors in SEO. A blog with a higher social impact can be higher than a blog with a low social share.

So always use the social sharing buttons below the plus and a sliding bar to the left of the page.

Create your pages on all social networking sites. Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Googleplus

A facebook pop-up of your page can add additional benefits for your website traffic.

Use of webmaster tools and Google Analytics

The use of the webmaster tool and Google Analytics is very important to generate organic traffic. Google Webmaster tool used to submit your website to the search engine by providing the sitemap of your blog.

Bloggers do not have a sitemap.xml page, submit atom.xml as a sitemap to the webmaster tool to be indexed in the search engine.

Never forget to submit your website to bing also, you can do this using the bing webmaster tool. Submitting your blog to the bing webmaster tool indexes your blog in the bing and yahoo search engines.

Always resubmit your sitemap after every blog post you write and ping your blog post using pingomatic (which notifies all search engines of an update to your blog)

Here are the basic SEO tips that blogs and bloggers need to remember to drive organic website traffic.

We will discuss advanced SEO tips on future articles.

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