Some tips for starting a good blog

Some tips for starting a good blog:

A number of you have written to me asking me to share a number of my blogging ideas and tips. The observation leads me to believe that many writers do not know a good sentence from the turnip. Basically I find myself spinning another person’s sentence rather than reading their blog, I stop reading.

Another observation I made is that a lot of people who think of themselves as authors don’t know how to tell a story. Now, I’m not talking about Mark Twain’s storytelling, just the fundamentals.

Writing is difficult – people who write “writing is difficult” – just demonstrated my point. The work is hard, the article is hard – eighth grade British class.

If you want to write well, be prepared to work. One of my personal favorite words is “I had more time to write less”.

My first rule to myself is not to become redundant. If all I’m doing is writing stuff that’s comparable to others, or providing the same perspective, I’m just losing air. I quit my method to be annoying, and I succeed for the same reason.

Simply because Word or is warning you that the word you just entered is not a unimportant word. If it helps tell the story, use it. Moreover, only small minds think that there is only one way to spell every word.

I write in a conversational way and I actively succeed. I have found it helpful to use tools, analogies, and allegories to inform a tale, create a scene, or draw readers. I personally use other products of this type, but I don’t know the names of the products more than I understand the participles.

You will find people who guide your writing by suggesting that you create an outline before you decide to type the first word. Bollocks. I don’t plan before talking to someone like I do when emailing someone?

Since I am considering it, the last sentence covers Generate an Income Entry. I’m emailing you to a person, not a crowd. Guess I’m writing doing this thinking I’ll never get the words right enough to impress 1000 other people, but I can most likely have them close enough to impress one person. Personally, I use the exact same method for public speaking – I never use notes, anticipating when I don’t know the fabric well enough to speak off the cuff – I just typed that surprised me quite a bit – I’ll let someone else speak. A lot of people think it’s really brave, some think I’m lazy.

Getting ideas could be a bit tricky. I have found that writing is easier than ideas. For those with children, talk about what you observe and continue to tie their antics to the story you tell.

I keep a folder called “blog ideas”. I email myself ideas and new words, and write things down on scraps of paper. Keep a jar of adverbs in the cause of your evening stand who knows when you might need them. I understand the brand new You are able to Occasions is written at the amount of a ninth grader, but I give my visitors credit for being more curious than the ninth grade average.

When you try to smack someone inside your blog, smack yourself and learn how to relate that to the step you are doing. If you criticize others, you will lose others.

You will find people who may make you think that your writing should pass the artificial tests recommended by politically correct mentalists, which your writing must resolve with really big questions, as if Joyce ever used a semicolon after 1919. I wasn’t built with a politically correct timing and don’t plan on starting in the near future. You will get away with this by using humor, but using humor is even more complicated than understanding what a participle is sorry for that preposition.

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