State the main features of democracy

Q- State the main features of democracy.

Answer- The main features of democracy are as follows:

1. A democratic decision involves consultancy with and consent of all those who are affected by that decision.

2. A democratic government is better government because it is more accountable form of government.

3. Democracy is better than other forms of government as it allows rulers to correct its own mistake.

4. Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens.

5. Democracy provides methods to deal with differences and conflicts.

6. In democracy those who are not powerful have same say in taking decision as those who are powerful.

7. The chances of rash and irresponsible decision is very less in democracy.

8. In a democracy the final decision making power must rest with those who were elected by the people of that country. 

9. A democratic government rules within limits set by the constitutional law and citizen’s rights.

10. A democracy must be based on free and fair elections, where those currently in power have a fair chance of losing.

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