Tesla Phone: Price, Release Date, Specifications 2023

Tesla phone is a very awaited smartphone for several people. This smartphone is going to launch by Tesla which is one of the most popular electric car manufacturing companies. The CEO of Tesla ‘Elon Musk’ announced to launch of a tesla phone which will have more advanced features compared to any other mobile manufacturing company.

Tesla Phone

The CEO & founder of Tesla ‘Elon Musk has announced to launch of an advanced smartphone that is named as Tesla phone. He intended to revolutionize the world of telephony. All the expected prices and dates along with some unique specifications of the Tesla phone are given below.

Tesla Phone Release Date

There are several rumors and doubts about the release date of the Tesla phone. The basis of the tweets of Elon Musk and some other evidence provides an ambitious release date of 2023. Along with the excitement of the release of the Tesla smartphone, there are several rumors and fake announcements that were made on this topic. A tweet from CleanTechnica is given below. Here you can see what is the response of Elon Musk to the tweet of CleanTechnica.

Some other sources also say that if Elon Musk is going to use Neuralinks in his new launching smartphone then it might take a long till to release tesla’s smartphone. Maybe the launch date of the Tesla phone extended to the year 2030 but it is not sure because there are no official announcements on this case. So, we cannot say anything about it but most of the predictions say that the tesla phone may be launched by the end of 2023. You can also read the features of the tesla smartphone here.

tesla phone

Tesla phone Specifications

The complete information on the features of the Tesla phone is as follows. This might help you to think about the actual look and specifications of the tesla phone.

Launching DateNot specified but it may be in the year 2023
StatusNot yet cleared
ModelTesla model Pi phone
CostAround Rs. 45999 (Not sure about the cost)
CameraSingle selfie and triple cameras
Display6 to 7 inches OLED
PerformanceQualcomm Snapdragon Soc
Internal8 GB (RAM) and 128 GB (ROM)
BatteryThe expected battery is 5000 mAh

Tesla phone Design

The estimated design of the tesla phone is given below in a table. This is based on several tweets and other expectations about the tesla smartphone.

Material UsedFine rear good material and front gorilla glass protection.
Estimated weightNot known yet
ColorsNot known yet
DimensionsNot known yet

Special Features in Tesla phone

Here, we are going to talk about the specifications and features that we will see in the Tesla phone. So, all the features and specifications that we heard about the tesla phone are-

1. Solar Charging– Solar charging is a very awesome feature that we will see in the Tesla phone. In this feature, the smartphone will automatically get charged using solar energy. From the success of Elon Musk in SpaceX, we can expect this feature in Tesla’s smartphone.

2. Vehicle control action– In the Tesla smartphone, we may see a preinstalled tesla app that will help you to do some basic actions in your tesla car from your mobile. These basic actions include locking and unlocking of car, summoning your vehicle, and controlling media playback.

tesla phone
Tesla phone

3. Astronomical photography– In normal smartphones, we get a good quality camera that will help us to click fine photos but the tesla phone is a little different from it. In the tesla phone, we will see a camera that is connected with SpaceX which will help you to click images of astronomical objects very easily.

4. Neuralink Support– In the tweet that we provide you earlier at the start of this post, we can see that the Neuralinks will be very connected with Tesla Phone so this will make it a more advanced and futuristic phone. Neuralink is the only company that is working on the project to link electronic devices such as smartphones with your brain. This will make it very easy for you to control your smartphone.

5. Internet through Satellite– As SpaceX is connected to the project of Tesla phones so there might be space-based internet service in Tesla smartphones through SpaceX satellites. This satellite-based internet service will provide you with a fast internet connection with no security issues. You can also watch the video given below.

tesla phone

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Tesla Phone 2023: FAQs

Is Tesla making a cell phone?

Yes, there is a big announcement of Tesla CEO ‘Elon Musk’ to launch an advanced features phone that is called as Tesla phone. You can read all the specifications, release date, and price range of the tesla phone from the article given below.

What is the price of Tesla phone?

The expected price of a Tesla smartphone in India is around 45999 Indian rupees which are equal to around 550 USD. But there is no official announcement on the price range of the Tesla phone.

Which phone is used by Elon Musk?

On the basis of several tweets and reports, it is concluded that Elon Musk uses HTC Droid. But there is no surety of this statement.

Is Tesla a Android phone?

Tesla phone will soon be launched by Tesla company. But according to the sources of tweets and the mindset of Elon Musk, it is found that the Tesla phone will have its own operating system just like iOS. This phone from the Tesla company is heard to be launched in the year 2023.

Is Tesla phone better than Iphone?

As the Tesla phone is not launched yet so we can not compare it with iPhone but according to the announcement of Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla). We can say that the Tesla phone may be better than iPhone but the truth will be revealed after the launch of the Tesla phone.

Is Pi phone released?

No, the Pi phone is not released yet but many announcements show that it will release very soon. If you are excited about the Tesla phone then you can see its expected look and features from the post that is given below.


All the expected details of the Tesla phone are provided to you in the above article. Now we hope you got a brief touch with the Tesla phone and you can also compare it with iPhone in your mind. Until the tesla phone is not launching in the market of smartphones.

We can only expect the features and look of this amazing smartphone. But overall we can say that the tesla smartphone is going to be a very advance and futuristic smartphone. So, if you are also waiting for the launch of the Tesla smartphone then tell us your ideas to us in the comment box. The official website of Tesla is here.

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