Tips for Becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Tips for Becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer:

· You MUST locate an item that is not plastered around Amazon. Most drop shippers already have individuals marketing their products. If more than someone has the same item, it becomes a rate battle and both celebrations continue to lower their price to get the sale. Ultimately, it acquires to the point where you earn $ 1 per sale. Definitely not worth it!

· Your carrier must take charge of their item and pay for the return of damaged items. If they don’t pay it, YOU will. The last thing you want is a miserable customer. Amazon will close your account very quickly if you have any issues.

· Your direct sender must be fast. I had a few carriers who would certainly drag on for weeks to ship their items. I ended up sending a lot of free items due to people having to stay so long. Maybe I’m just a huge softy. but if they don’t ship it, don’t work for them!

· Do not stretch too much. I don’t suggest having more than 200 items on Amazon. When I started I had 3,000 articles there because I thought I would do more. WRONG! That said, you shouldn’t stay up to date with what the producer has in stock. I very quickly found myself involved in difficulties because I got an acquisition and I learned that there was no stock. If you cancel too many orders, Amazon will almost certainly close you. And also, your customers will not like it and you will not make money on Amazon.

· When downloading your products, check EVERYTHING.

· If you slip up, you spend for it. The re-peat customer is worth it and you will feel better for doing the right thing.

· Create a website for each product line. It’s free with Amazon. Don’t put all your articles together on one website. When I started I placed all of my 3000 products on one site haha. Do not do that!

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