What are Backlinks- What are Do Follow and No Follow links

what are backlinks

If you want what a backlink is, we have given you detailed information about it here. Nowadays, there are several search engine optimization companies that do not do true SEO. Instead, they are more interested in building backlinks for their websites. The backlinks greatly help many SEO businesses and people who do website marketing online. The ranking of your site in Google search results is in a way based on the analysis of those websites, which refer you. 

The quality of the links, the relevance of the links and the quantity of links matter more when it comes to the rating of your site. The websites, which link to you, provide information about the topic of your website and also suggest its popularity as well as its quality.

what are backlinks - what are do follow and no follow links
what are backlinks – what are do follow and no follow links

The best way to get other websites to link relevant to your site is to add relevant and unique content to your website, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the internet world. If you add content that is useful to visitors, there’s a good chance someone else will find that content useful to their readers and obviously link to it. Before making a decision, you must ask yourself such a question as is this going to benefit the visitors to my web pages?


It’s not just the total number of links you point to your website that matters the most, but the quality and importance of those links is more important. You must have good back links to your site. Creating good content is the key to having quality backlinks. Anyone who manages their website knows the importance of backlinks and also knows that it is an easy to follow way to get huge traffic to the website that he or she has created. It’s a crucial part of the SEO equation.

What is the backlink is a frequently asked question in many online forums. The answer to this question is that it is a link to one of your sites. It is a very simple project to carry out. It is also of great importance in increasing the page rank of your website. There are many ways to make the back link successful. The backlink can be done by going to a site spot with a comment box. You need to fill in all four boxes while making comments such as name, email address, site URL, and comment. Among these 4 options, the URL and comments options are very important?

In the URL category you have to put the name of the site you want to promote and in the comment category you have to comment on the blog post. By posting a comment, which is related to the point that the author wants to convey through this post about you, show interest and you will also grab the attention of other people who visit this post. Ultimately, traffic to your site comes from two directions such as post visitors and post author.

what are do follow and no follow links:

Most website owners are aware that link building is one of the most imperative parts of any SEO strategy. For this reason, many webmasters have started posting advertisements unrelated to forums and blogs. All of these advertisements usually contain one or more links to their sites. This way, they try to get higher page ranks and better ranking in the best search engines. But this is the dirtiest black hat tactic and those who do this are known as spammers. To reduce this type of spam, Google has developed a no-tracking attribute. Therefore, links with this type of attribute are called untracked links, and those that are not are called follow-up links.

There is a difference between a don’t follow and a don’t follow. What does the no-follow attribute actually do? It allows you to create a link which works like any other link, but which is not taken into account in the search algorithm. To be specific, an untracked link will not send any link juice and the anchor text used there does not help which webpage you are pointing to have a high rank.

On the other hand, the links to follow are regular links. These links send link juice to the website and the keywords used help to rank high. Many times you have to use follow links, especially if you want to link to your own website. However, there are some cases where using untracked links makes more sense.

what are backlinks - what are do follow and no follow links
what are backlinks – what are do follow and no follow links

If you link your website to a site to follow, the search engines will usually recognize your link and you will get what is called a back link to your website. And if you link to a site without tracking, the search engines won’t recognize the link as a link to the website.


If you want to link to your website and get higher rankings for your pages, you need to make sure that you link your site to sites to follow, which include higher ranking sites with higher page rank as well. than a high authority. If a “to follow” designation is made, Google will consider the link as a backlink to the targeted pages. And if an “untracked” designation is made, it will not use that as a back link to the targeted page.

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