what are different types of farming? Explain cattle farming

Q- What are different types of farming? Explain cattle farming.

Answer- There are many types of animal farming but mainly they are divided into four types:

1. Cattle farming

2. Fish farming

3. Honey bee farming or pisciculture

4. Poultry farming

Now according to question, Cattle farming is the scientific management of cows and buffaloes for milk production as well as bullock labour. The resultant product of cattle farming is milk as well as some other products that we obtain from cows and buffaloes (bullock labour). 

In cattle farming there are three types of breeds of cattle:

(a) Indigenous breed (Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi e.t.c.)

(b) Exotic breed (Brown Swiss, Holstein-Friesien e.t.c.)

(c) Cross-breed (Karan-Swiss, Karan-Fries, Frieswal e.t.c.)

The cross breeds of cows and buffaloes are high milk producing and also had high disease resisting power. 

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