What are Disease symptoms

Q- what are Disease symptoms?

Answer- Any objective evidence of an illness, such as a rash or cough, is called a symptom. These can be symptoms of any disease. A doctor, family members, and the person experiencing the signs can easily identify them.

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The answer given above is regarding what are disease symptoms. S, we provided you with a short description of disease symptoms in the above answer. But you should also know that there is also a word “sign” which also means symptoms, but not in all cases. In some cases, the symptoms differ from the sign of any disease.

For additional knowledge, you can learn the difference between signs and symptoms. This is given below.


Signs are the characteristics or manifestations that the body shows to help in identifying that the person is unhealthy or infected by any disease. Signs also help the doctor to determine the disease of his/her patient. Signs of any disease can easily be noticed by a person other than the patient.

Differences in Signs and Symptoms

The main difference between signs and symptoms is who is seeing the effect. You can understand this through an example, a rash can be a sign, symptom, or both:

  1. If the victim of the disease or patient noticed a rash then it is a symptom of the disease.
  2. In the case of a rash noticed by a second person other than the patient or victim then it is a sign. In this case, other people can be nurses, doctors, or any other person.
  3. If the patient and the doctor notice the rash, it can be seen as both a sign and a symptom.
  4. Regardless of who noticed that a system or part of the body is not functioning properly, signs and symptoms both are the human body’s ways of letting a person know that everything is not going well or something is wrong in his or her body. Some signs and symptoms require monitoring or getting monitored by a healthcare professional, while others may go away completely even without treatment.

What are disease Symptoms?

Symptoms are objective evidence of an illness, such as a rash, cough, etc. Symptoms refer to abnormalities in a patient’s body that show that the person is infected by any disease. Symptoms are the objectives that can only be identified by the patient. On the other hand, the signs of disease can easily be noticed by other people.

what are disease symptoms
what are disease symptoms

Types of Symptoms

The symptoms are of three types:

  1. Overcome the symptoms
  2. Chronic symptoms
  3. Recurrent symptoms

(a) Persistent symptoms: When symptoms improve or go away completely, they are called relapsing symptoms. For example, cold symptoms can last for several days and then go away without treatment.

(b) Chronic symptoms: These are persistent or recurring symptoms. Most of the chronic symptoms are often seen in ongoing conditions. These diseases took time to show symptoms. Most chronic diseases are very dangerous. Some examples of chronic diseases are diabetes, asthma, and cancer.

(c) Recurrent symptoms: These are symptoms that occurred in the past, resolved, and then reappeared. For example, symptoms of depression may not appear for years at a time, but may then return.

Bottom Lines

Some conditions have no symptoms. You can understand this case with an example let a person may have high blood pressure for years without knowing it or that person does not know about it, and some cancers show no symptoms until later, more aggressive stages.

These are called asymptomatic conditions, and although the idea of ​​symptoms is often related to discomfort or abnormal function, a condition without symptoms can be life-threatening. Every year several people die due to unawareness of the disease.

Many types of infections do not have symptoms. These are called sub-clinical infections and can be contagious even if they do not cause visible symptoms in the person with the infection.

The infection can still be passed on to other people during the incubation period or during the period when the infectious agent takes hold of the body. If you want to learn more about our other posts so you can refer to the below topics by just clicking on them:

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