what are important points to remember in poultry farming

Q- What are important points to remember in poultry farming?

Answer- Poultry farming:

1. Poultry farming is done to rear poultry birds to get meat as well as egg as output.

2. There are two types of poultry birds these are layer and broilers.

There are many methods to be followed to enhance the yield. The three main methods to enhance yield of broiler production are as follows:

1. The poultry house or the place where poultry birds are kept should be with hygienic condition, should be well ventilated, east-west directed, proper temperature should be maintained and should be snake and rats proof.

2. The food provided to broilers should be healthy as well as balanced.

3. The daily diet of broilers should be rich in protein, vitamins (especially vitamin A and vitamin K) as well as fats.

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