What are Keywords?

What are keywords

A lot of people don’t know what are key words? To put it aside, key words are the words that tell search engines what the website is all about. To be clearer, key words are similar words that people type into search engines’ query boxes to locate what they’re looking for. The trick is to look for good words or phrases that get the maximum number of searches each month but have less competition so that you are likely to come at the top or second in search engine

what are key words
what are key words


Finding the right SEO key words for the website is perhaps one of the very important factors in planning the website and your online business. Getting good key words can actually mean quality traffic to your website. Get the wrong key words and your business will likely fail.


Now, to include the correct key words in content, keyword research is the most important. You have to study and research the relevant key words for your product and your business. When the search engine robots crawl the content and find that your web content is irrelevant to your website, all of your content will be considered wrong. Now, these website key words are of different types: key words, long tail key words, and key phrases.

For an example, consider the subject like jewelry. A single word that covers a very broad subject is known as the keyword or seed keyword. For the subject above, the seed will be “jewelry”. “Artificial jewelry” or “best pearl jewelry” would be your key words. These are normally two to three word sentences that are more specific in your niche. “Bridal pearl jewelry” or “beautiful black pearl jewelry” could be your long tail key words.


After doing a good job of researching your market, decide on the single main keyword phrase or long tail phrase you plan for your website content. This is the word you will use for anchor text links and any kind of marketing or endorsement for your site. In this way, key words play a vital role in attracting quality traffic to your website. In addition to the correct key words, it is also necessary to understand keyword density. This is the number of key words to include in all content. Unnecessary keyword stuffing in content can lead to website content failure.

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