what are the merits and demerits of green revolution

Q- What are merits and demerits of green revolution?


Merits of green revolution

· Green revolution introduced farmers with HYV Seeds due to which farmers can get higher yields with small fiels

· Framers also start use of tractors and other machines to do their work easily and fast

· Higher yield help farmers to store surplus and sell other crop

· Pesticides can protect crops from pests and insecticides protect crops from insects due to which farmers get good crop

· Green revolution also introduced farmers with new techniques of irrigation due to which farmers  can irrigate their fields easily


Demerits of green revolution

· Green revolution increases the use of chemical fertilizers which reduce soil fertility

· Due to continuous use of ground water from tube wells for irrigation take water table below

· Due to green revolution farmers use pesticides and insecticide due to which some bacteria of soil which are beneficial in maintaining soil fertility get killed

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