what election laws are made for campaigning

Q- What elections laws are made for campaigning?

Answer- There are many elections laws made for campaigning. Some of them are as follows:

1. No political party or candidate can force the voters to vote to them.

2. No one has right to appeal to the voters in name of caste or religion. 

3. There is a limit to spend money in election that is about 25 lakh rupees in Lok Sabha in a constituency and 10 lakh ruppess in Vidhan Sabha elctions in a constituency.

4. No any political party or candidate is allowed to use government vehicles for election campaign. Use of government vehicles for election campaign is illegal in India.

These election laws for campaigning are made to held elections in democratic manner. If any candidate or political party do not follow these elections laws that are made for campaigning so, their election can be rejected by the court even after they have been declared elected.

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