What is Blog- How to Earn money by Blogging


A blog is an abbreviation of the term web journal. Blogs are websites typically run by an individual, with regular comments entries, event descriptions, or other elements such as graphics or videos. Entries are usually displayed in reverse chronological order.

However, what separates a blog from a website is that a blog is designed to easily post content on a particular topic and therefore is updated more regularly compared to a more static website. A blog also allows for two-way conversation, as blog visitors are often allowed to reply to blog posts.

So, can you make money with a blog?

You can definitely make money with a blog in the same way that you can make money with a website. There are several ways to make money from a blog, for example:

Advertising Programs – The most obvious changes to making money with blogging are advertising. Bloggers make money online most often through Google’s advertising program – Adsense.

 Affiliate Programs – As stated earlier, affiliate programs can also help you make money from blogging. There are affiliate programs like Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank, and Commission Junction, but also literally thousands of others, from large to small.

Merchandising – You can even make money selling your own products and / or services. However, it is not absolutely necessary to have your own products and / or services as you see branded products through programs like Cafepress.

Donation – Well, there is nothing to say about that as donation jars and buttons have been blogging for years now.

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