What is Blogging

Now I know what blogging is. But it is not at all what I thought. Is it possible that blogging is not the content, but more the method?

Perhaps. Most blogging websites set out to “stalk” readers. To log as many of them as they can as they come by the site, so they can count the number of followers, read what they write, and link to their blogs. This sounds bad.

Especially when you realize it is not just content, but irrelevant content, with irrelevant authors. This is surely why every week a bunch of blogs, once popular blogs, are found dead because they have become irrelevant in the internet environment.

Are blogs now dead, too?

Is it possible that blogging is dead?

I think it is not, for there is much content out there, posted by individuals and blogs. There are millions of bloggers all over the world, uploading content as well as writing and creating new blogs. There are bloggers writing in all sorts of languages.

And they are making a great effort to make what they do interesting. But can blogging remain alive, given the proliferation of blogs and the different ways the bloggers have come up with to reach readers?

Can blogging continue to thrive, given the way the internet is evolving, with websites becoming “social”, with blogging as one of the main content? I do not believe so, as the content and the methods are changing.

To write for someone else, the individual has to be on the lookout for what makes that person and the subject matter interesting. For readers, it has to be clear and easy. For the audience to trust the content, the author must be careful of what they write.

While blogging is certainly the way to blog now, this doesn’t mean there won’t be any blogs in the future, as blogs tend to evolve, like many things in the internet environment. But there won’t be a blog in the future that will count followers. There won’t be a blog in the future that will offer pointless content, even though it is written by an author.

Bloggers will continue to write about what they know, and what interests them. But they will try to write in a way that will engage their readers. This is something that blogging authors and blogs need to work on. And for bloggers who do not really know what they are doing, blogging might be at a high risk of dying.

Why blog?

To blog is not just to publish a blog. It is not just to write an article that will go to the website, to be read by people in a fairly accurate way. It is not just to read, when someone asks you something, what is the answer to your question?

It is not just to make links to your other content. To blog is about writing in a manner that makes the reader look forward to each and every post you publish.

It is about writing for someone. But to make someone look forward to your posts is not really at the root of blogging. This is merely one of the methods bloggers use to keep the audience interested.

I do not think blogging will die. But it certainly won’t survive as it is today if the different methods for reaching readers will continue to be used, in a way that may not retain the readership. This is the sad reality, which has been coming, in a gradually increasing way. But, blogging and writing will continue.

The way people find their information will remain the same. But the method and methodologies used by bloggers will continue to change, to be in line with the times and the environment. There is always much to learn from what is happening around the world, and from what is happening in other countries.

Some people feel the need to put some of these ideas down in writing, in order to learn more. But, even the good ideas, ideas that make a lot of sense to the vast majority of people, will never be published in a mass publication.

But they can still be discovered, to the readers of bloggers, who want to learn. Just like anything else, blogging and writing can be viewed in a different way.

The individual is not the one who will gain the most from blogging. The individual is the one who will gain most from their own blog when it has evolved to the place it is now. But, it is not only about blogging or writing, it is also about the audience.

The person who wants to be on the lookout for different things, and in a way create a connection with that person, and create a genuine relationship with them, is also blogging. To blog is to give something to the readers. To blog is also to give them what they want.

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