What is Domain and Web hosting

What is Domain and Web Hosting

Nowadays and also due to high population growth, most people want to earn money online or want to make their business online but for starting an online business you need to open your shop online for that you need a domain name and web hosting so today I will tell you about what is domain and web hosting.

What is Domain and Web hosting
What is Domain and Web hosting

There are many ways to earn money online but one of the most popular and best ways to earn money online is to make a website in it you can earn through Adsense you can sell your products and if you have no much budget so that you can also sell other products as an affiliate marketer and trust on me many people are earning up to 10 million rupees within a month by selling another product from their websites as an affiliate marketer.

But to make your own website you need to buy two things which are domain name and web hosting but there are many things which you need to know about domain name and web hosting otherwise you may lose your money so read the article carefully.

What is Domain Name

A domain name is the name of your online shop that proves that the online store which the customer is visiting is your store you need a domain name for both for affiliate website and also for your blogging website.

You can understand the domain name with this example.

Just imagine you have opened a shop near your house you give your shop a name like if your name is “A” so now you shop name will be “A general store” now if a customer sees this name then he/she will easily determine that it’s your shop but it is slightly different from online because in earth or offline anyone can give his/her shop a name “A general store” but in online you have to buy a name like “A general store.com” so that .com will become your identity or domain name due to which if your website visitor see .com after “A general store” then he/she will easily understand that it’s your shop because if you buy any domain like .com, .in, .co, .net with “A general store” then no one will be able to buy that domain with “A general store” for a limited time.

What to check before buying a domain

You always have to buy a domain from a trusted company that can provide you with the best customer support you have to buy the domain from the company who provides you it at less price but always check the time period of the domain because the domain name is always given for a limited time period so that after a limited time period anyone can buy that domain with the same name due to which he/she can take your identity so you always have to buy a domain from that company that will notify you before your domain will get expired because you can renew the domain by giving some money to the company.

What is Domain and Web hosting
What is Domain and Web hosting

You have to check the ratings of the company before buying a domain from it you can check the rating by searching in Google or another chrome browser like that rating of “company name” if you find a good rating and good customer reviews then buy a domain from that company.

What is Web Hosting

As you have read the example of the shop which I told you above now it is also related to shopping if you open the shop you need a place or a piece of land to open your shop if your shop is big then you need a big place and if your shop is small then you need a small place if you buy better web hosting this will increase your website speed and can manage more people at the same time.

Why do we need web hosting?

So now you need to know why we need web hosting.

After making a website and buying a domain some people think that now it is enough to run our website in Google or all over World Wide Web but they didn’t know that where will they store their data and who will represent their website data in front of website visitors and it becomes impossible to get traffic, to get the traffic without web hosting they need to connect their computer to the internet and show pages to the user who comes in your website manually.

But it is impossible in practical life because you will be unable to show one thousand different pages to one thousand website visitors manually at a same time but web hosting help you for this you just need to connect your website to web hosting server and have to publish content in your website, web hosting will automatically manage your traffic and serve pages to multiple website visitors at the same time so web hosting is the best solution to which we need to connect with our website to represent our data in front of website visitors.

Now I hope you understand why we need web hosting.

Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting companies available but you have to buy web hosting from a trusted company having good ratings and good reviews by customers you have to select a company that can give you better customer support but you don’t have to buy very cheap web hosting because cheap Webhosting contain some disadvantages so always choose the best web hosting instead of shared web hosting.

What is Domain and Web hosting
What is Domain and Web hosting

In shared web hosting you will find many problems if you want to know about shared web hosting so read the article carefully:-

Shared Web hosting

What you can understand with the name shared web hosting?

Yes, you need to share something with other people in shared web hosting.

If you are a beginner in the blogging field and have less investment then you can choose shared web hosting because it is cheap in price and if you want to make a website because your hobby is writing articles or you like to write articles then the shared web hosting is also the best option for you but if you have amount to invest and make a website to earn money at a large amount or want to set up a business with your website then you need to take another option because shared web hosting is cheap due to some disadvantages as given below.

Let’s understand shared web hosting with an example.

Just imagine there is the water tank in the Terries and fifty taps are connected with it through a pipe now if you use one tap at one time it will work fast but if you open the entire tap at a time then what would happen?

Taps will work slowly so that a shared web hosting.

You have to store your website data in one central processing unit (C.P.U) in which many websites also store their data it means you have to store your data in the same storage where many other websites also store their data due to which if any one website gets very high traffic then other websites have to face some problems.

If you are a beginner and are not able to collect much traffic and also do not want to invest much then you can choose shared web hosting.

There is also a major problem in shared web hosting which is that you have to share one server, one C.P.U with many people who all have the same I.P address, and if anyone in all of you started uploading bad content Google will start neglecting that website and also start reducing its ranking so for that Google will track the I.P address of the server that means a C.P.U where all the websites are hosted and put it into the black list in which many people host their website due to which all have to face problems without any mistake.

If you don’t have much money to invest and also you didn’t want to host your website with shared web hosting then you can make your blog in blogger for complete information visit this post.

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