what is Gabb wireless mobile

Gabb wireless phone to keep kids safe:-

As we know there is trend of I phones and android phones in kids. Everyone want their personal phone and think mobile and social media as a toy but they are very little to think they do not know the risk of using phone much and also the power of social media anytime anything can become viral within a day in social media so we always aware while posting anything or information in social media but we are elder and know all these things but kids are unable to understand the difference between right or wrong so be always careful while giving phone to them having internet connection.

Even many parents are also worried about what their children are watching in their mobiles and there are also many apps due to anyone can track their exact location due to which it become very risky to give Smartphone to your children but it become a big problem to avoid giving Smartphone to children because many students use Google search and also watch lecture on YouTube and want to learn many good things like arts and also want to communicate with their friends to study together with the help of mobile so to avoid giving them mobile become impossible without any reason.

How to avoid this problem without stop children to take personal mobile?

To avoid this problem and risk you have to set boundaries in children interaction with social media and apps or other games because these are the major risk creators for children so to avoid these risk you can give you children Gabb wireless mobile.


What is Gabb wireless mobile:-

Gabb wireless is a mobile which is specially designed for kids not only for kids it is also designed for poor people and senior citizens because it is very cheap mobile to which children can use it without any risk,

Due to its simple feature senior citizens can also handle it easily.

Gabb wireless phone has no access to internet, social media, game, picture message or appstore due to which tis is safe for children and also help them to reduce their screen time. Gabb wireless mobile is a touch screen mobile in which it have to models Z1, Z2 both are nearly similar and also safe for kids

Gabb wireless phone include 14 essential apps in which you will get music, phone, FM radio in which you can listen it with earphones, contacts, camera, video, gallery, calculator, clock, and files manager these all are some important and safe functions which make this phone comfortable for kids 

Gabb wireless is expected to sell for less than $ 100 and after that you have to pay $20 – $25 every month for services which make it a best budget Smartphone and also it is safe for children because it allows only some feature and feature are selected according to safety and reducing screen time which make children life healthy and also tech them to use less mobile phone or internet access and due to this children also can study instead of playing games or interact with social media. Gabb wireless mobile phone offers you 5 inch display and also it has a good battery backup according to less use of children due to less features.

I think gabb wireless mobile is the best Smartphone for our children because through this phone we can avoid the risk of wrong way interaction of our children with social media it don’t allow children for photo messaging which make it very safe for children and due to no internet connection and no games it can save much time of your children so if they are demanding for personal Smartphone so give gabb wireless mobile to them.

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