What is the blog? Blogger? Blog?

What is the blog? Blogger? Blog?

The blog is usually maintained by one person with regular comment entries, event descriptions, or other elements such as graphics or videos. They are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments, it is the interactivity that sets them apart from other static sites. It is usually organized in chronological order, from the most recent post at the top of the page to the oldest post at the bottom. It is usually updated frequently, maybe monthly, weekly or even daily

Many blogs offer comments, news or online journals. A typical blog combines text, images and links to other blogs and web pages and other media related to its topic. Here we can learn, share ideas, make friends, and even do business with people of similar interests from all over the world.

What is a blogger?

A blogger is also known as the author of the blog, the one who publishes the entries.

Qualities of a blogger

Hard worker – To blog is to write, you have to write your blog content, which takes effort and hard work. Well if you like what you’re doing it’s effortless, you just feel like you’re playing. But still, you have to be good at it. It reflects you.

Resourceful and full of ideas – We have times when we end up blank and no idea occurs to you. This will test your ability to write. A good blogger can write beautifully and in an interesting way, even the topic is “paper”. A good sense of humor, knowledge and information can be a good formula for a good entry.

No Hindsight – It takes time and hard work to have a blog or website established. Just make entries that you think are the unique, interesting and hottest topic on the web. Put your heart on what you are doing and you will never feel tired.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the act of creating, updating, or writing an entry for your blog.


Text blog – mostly textual

Art blog – Focus on art

Photoblog – photographs / images

Video Blogs – Videos

MP3 blog – music

Podcasting – audio

Microblogging – short messages

How to start a blog

Eye-catching headline – A headline is the first thing that will grab the attention of your readers. They will certainly anticipate something good if they find your title interesting to them.

Write to the point – Just a few scary words for your blog and come back to the point you want to express, too long a blog is not good, especially when there is no more meaning in the other part of the entry. Many bloggers end up losing their readers for good if they keep writing anything without thinking about it.

Grammatical errors – When writing specially expressing yourself on the entry, you simply type it in and publish it. Sometimes bloggers know they are good typists, but we can’t take away the fact that we are able to type bad spellings or shortened words that others cannot understand. It is important to have a word checker and to minimize abbreviated words.

Blog Regularly – If you can write everyday why not, to have a regular reader you also need to be a regular blogger, there is always something new to read everyday. But if not, at least update your blog two or three times a week. You can also inform

Use images and videos – Other bloggers and readers don’t want too many photos on the blog. Well for me a photo or two that really express about the entry or your expressing the feelings of the entry would be perfect. The same goes for videos.

Good Sense of Humor – With a good humor in your post add sentimental feelings to your reader especially if you are blogging it looks like you are just talking to your readers you have jokes jokes not so funny and maybe sarcastic jokes. A good sense of humor, knowledge and information is a good formula for a good entry.

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