what is the major problem faced in fish farming? how can it be overcome

Q- what is the major problem faced in fish farming? How can it be overcome?

Answer- Fish farming is a very beneficial or a high profit gaining work but there are also some problems that are faced by people who practice fish farming. Some of the problems that are faced in fish farming are as follows:

1. Several bacterial as well as viral diseases in fishes that kill them in large scale.

2. Scarcity of availability of pure and healthy fish seed.

There are some ways to overcome these problems. These are as follows:

1. This issue can be solved by the process of hypophysation in which pituitary extract containing FSH and LH hormones are injected in the fishes of good breeds to induce spawning. This process results in quality seeds with desirable quantity. 

2. There should be proper hygiene and balanced nutritious diet should be provided to the fishes.

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