what was a directory? why was it removed from France

Q- What was a ‘Directory’? Why was it removed from France?

Answer- After the fall of monarchy and Jacobin club from France a Directory system was introduced. It is a type of system to govern France and it aimed to avoid power coming in one hand as this would leads to again starting of monarch rule in France. 

This directory system provides two legislative councils, who appoint a directory, an executive that is formed of five members. 

The Directory system was functioning well but with the passing of time the directors started fighting or clashing among each other and with legislative councils this leads to political instability in France and finally the Directory system fallen from France taking advantage of this condition Napoleon Bonaparte started ruling in France as a ruler in 1804. 

Before it he was a military dictator. After many years of ruling finally Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in ‘Battle of Water Loo’ in 1815. 

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