What was the difference between Bolshevik and Menshevik group in Russia

Q- What was the difference between Bolshevik and Menshevik group in Russia?

Answer- The main difference between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are as follows:

S. No.Bolsheviks GroupMensheviks Group
1.The term ‘Bolsheviks’ means a member of the majority.The term ‘Mensheviks’ means a member of the minority
2.The Bolsheviks group drew less public attention as compared to the Mensheviks groupThe Mensheviks group drew more public attention compared to the bolsheviks group
3.The bolsheviks believed in a hight centralized party of the professional revolutionary.The Mensheviks believed in a democratic party structure that allows legal agreements
4.The Bolsheviks group does not want to work with middle-class people.The Mensheviks group agreed to work with middle-class people.
5.The Bolshevik group believed that Russia could directly go from an absolute monarchy to a communist party.The Mensheviks believed to move step by step and make Russia a communist nation.

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Now, Dear students, we are going to help you with some detailed notes on the split of powers in the Russian Empire between two popular groups.

Difference between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks

The Bolsheviks group and the Mensheviks group. So, if you wish to learn more about the process of splitting of the powers in the Russian empire between the Bolsheviks group and the Mensheviks group then you should read the paragraph given below.

Both the groups along with the different leaders of these two groups have different ideas and ideologies that lead to uncertainty between these two groups and people and at last, it leads to the division of power between two groups- Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.

Some of the major factors that leads to this huge split in the Russian Empire are divided into different subheadings below.

So you should read these headings one by one very carefully as it was will be very helpful for you.

Lenin’s Ideology

Lenin’s political pamphlet What Is to Be Done?, Which was written in the year 1901, helped a lot to precipitate the Bolsheviks’ group split from the Mensheviks group.

In Germany, this book was published in the year 1902, but in Russian Empire, strict censorship outlawed its publication and distribution.

One of the main points of Lenin’s writing was that a revolution can only be achieved by strong, professional leadership with a deep dedication to Marxist theoretical principles and an organization that spanned through the whole of the Russian Empire, abandoning what Lenin called “artisanal work” towards a more organized revolutionary work.

After this proposed revolution had successfully overthrown the autocracy of the Russian Empire, this strong leadership would relinquish power and allow a Socialist party to fully develop within the principles of democratic centralism in the whole empire.

Lenin said that if professional revolutionaries did not maintain influence over the fight of the workers, then that fight would steer away from the party’s objective and carry on under the influence of opposing beliefs or even away from revolution entirely.

what was the difference between bolshevik and menshevik group in russia
what was the difference between Bolshevik and Menshevik group in Russia

The pamphlet also proves that the Marxist theory was a line in Lenin’s view of a socialist intelligentsia.

For example, Lenin agreed with the Marxist ideal of social classes ceasing to be and for the eventual “withering away of the state”.

Most party members considered the unequal treatment of workers immoral and were loyal to the idea of a completely classless society.

It also showed that Lenin opposed another group of reformers, known as “Economists”, who were especially known for economic reform while leaving the government relatively unchanged and who, in Lenin’s view, failed to recognize the importance of uniting the working population behind the party’s cause.

The process of splitting the Russian Empire between two different groups bolsheviks group and the Mensheviks group is done in different step-by-step stages some of the main events that occurred during the splitting of these two groups are the bloody Sunday and the revolution of the year 1905.

If you don’t know what is the revolution of the year 1905 in the Russian Empire so we already published an article on it so you can read it this might be very helpful for you.

Whenever talk one of the most popular events in this split of the Russian Empire was bloody Sunday which was considered the most fearful Sunday in Russian History.

That day was considered the most fearful day in the history of the Russian Empire. On bloody Sunday several people died and many were injured while revolting (protesting).

We are just covering a little about the event of bloody Sunday in the Russian empire in this article if you want to read more about the event of bloody Sunday in the Russian empire and details so you can check out the link. That article will be very informative and helpful for you.

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