what was the role of philosophers in the french revolution

 Q- what was the role of philosophers in the French revolution?

Answer- Idea of having a society based of freedom with equal laws and opportunities for all were put forward by the French philosophers.

1. John Locke:-

Locke wrote, “Two Treatises of Government”.  In this book, he criticized the divine and absolute rights of the rulers.

2. John Jacque Rousseau-

Rousseau had written his view points in this book, “The Social Contract”. He had put forward the idea of formation of government based on social contract between people and their representatives.

3. Montesquieu:

His ideas were imposed in his book, “The Spirit of the Laws” according to him there should be division of power between the three important organs- The legislature, The Executive and the Judiciary.

The ideas of these philosophers were discussed by people in several public places and inspired them a lot to fight against injustice.

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