What were the views of John Locke in inspiring the people for French revolution

Q- What were the views of John Locke in inspiring the people for French Revolution?

Answer- John Locke was a popular French philosopher who played a very big role in inspiring people for French revolution in another words he is one who worked a lot to make people angry as well as aggressive, he also encourage them for starting a revolution in France. John Locke make peasants ad merchants of third estate ware about the injustice done by French King Louis 16 with them. He gave several powerful speech in Versailles to make the agitated crowd more aggressive to protest against King Luis 16.

John Locke sought to refute the doctrine of the divine as well as absolute right of the monarch. He described these all things in his book “Two Treatises of Government” which is one of the popular book of French Revolution. Locke’s main motive is to make France a country in which all people have equal rights and right to speech.He described all of his idas in detail in his book “Two Treatises of Government”.

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