Where are Elephants and One horned rhinoceros found

Q- Where are elephants and one horned rhinoceros found?

Answer- The elephants are mainly found in the hot wet forests of Assam, Kerala, and Karnataka. As Elephants are majestic animals so they prefer living in forested hilly areas, providing plenty of food and water for them throughout the year.

On the other hand, the One-horned Rhinoceros are mostly found in Swampy as well as the marshy lands of West Bengal and Assam.

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Elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet Earth and have distinctly massive bodies (large-sized bodies), long trunks, and large ears.

The Elephants use their trunks to pick up objects, suck up water for drinking or bathing, greet other elephants, trumpet warnings, etc.

Elephants require extensive land areas to survive and meet their ecological needs, which include food, water as well as space to move. An elephant can feed up to 18 hours and can consume hundreds of pounds of plant matter in a single day (approximately).

where are elephants and one horned rhinoceros found
Where are elephants and one horned rhinoceros found

The Elephants have two large teeth that have their own importance in their body. Elephant tusks serve many purposes in their body. These extended teeth can be used to protect the elephant’s trunk from injury, help in lifting and moving objects, strip bark from trees, gathering food.

The main purpose of these extended teeth of elephants is to defend against any other wild animal. During the time of drought, elephants even use their tusks (extended teeth) to dig holes for finding underground water.

One-hornerd Rhinoceros

The one-horned rhinoceros or “Indian rhino” is the largest of the rhino species.

The One-horned rhinoceros are very rare animals in Asia and because of too much illegal hunting of one-horned rhinoceros, they were declared extinct.

After some years, the recovery of the greater one-horned rhinoceros or Indian rhinoceros is among the greatest conservation success stories in the history of the Asian continent.

Today the population of Rhinoceros has increased to around 3,700 rhinos in the Terai grasslands of Nepal and northeastern India.

where are elephants and one horned rhinoceros found
Where are elephants and one horned rhinoceros found

Where are Elephants and One horned rhinoceros found?

As we told you in the answer to the above question that asked for where are elephants and one-horned rhinoceros found? So, we told about the places where elephants and one-horned rhinoceros are mainly found.

So, this heading is to tell you that there are different species (varieties) of elephants and one-horned rhinoceros that survive in different regions.

Such as the African elephants living in Africa and Indian Elephants living in India. There is very much difference between Indian elephants and African elephants.

On the basis of their body size, the African elephants are larger in size as compared to the Indian Elephants.

In the same way, the one we can notice the difference between one-horned rhinoceros. The rhinoceros of the different regions have different body sizes and habitats.

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