Where to Donate Indian Clothes in USA in 2023

Are you looking for where to donate Indian clothes in USA so, you are in the right place because in this post we are going to tell you about where to donate Indian clothes in USA.

So, before getting started with it we would like to appreciate that you have decided to do such good and Mercyful work yourself. Donating clothes or other basic necessities is a very good job for human welfare.

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Where to donate Indian clothes in USA

The best way that you can use to donate clothes in the USA is by giving them to Akhuwat’s clothes Bank. It was heard that Akhuwat’s clothes Bank have branches everywhere so many people used to give Indian clothes to them for donation.

If you are not able to reach Akhuwat’s Clothes Bank to donate clothes. So, we have a better way that you can use for it.

One better way that you can use for donating Indian clothes in the USA is to give these clothes directly to poor and needy people. In the USA there are some places where you can go to donate your used clothes to poor and needy people.

The list of some of these areas is given below. So you can refer to the below paragraph where we are providing you with some places in the USA where you can easily donate your clothes to poor people. So you can visit there if it is nearby to your locality for donating clothes.

Poor Cities in the USA

According to the latest record, there are many cities in the USA that have a high poverty rate. So, these cities are considered the poorest cities in the entire USA. The names of these cities are given below. This list might be long but you can easily find out any nearby city in your area.

  1. Detroit (Michigan)
  2. Alabama (Selma)
  3. Arizona (South Tucson)
  4. Birmingham (Alabama)
  5. Arkansas (Helena-West Helena)
  6. Alaska (Ketchikan)
  7. Huron (California)
  8. Colorado (Federal Heights)
  9. Cleveland (Ohio)
  10. Dayton (Ohio)
  11. Syracuse (New York)
  12. Hartford (Connecticut)
  13. Newark (New Jersey)
  14. Rochester (New York)
  15. Jackson (Mississippi)
  16. Springfield (Massachusetts)
  17. Willimantic (Connecticut)
  18. Claymont (Delaware)
  19. Hawaiian Paradise Park (Hawaii)
  20. Bonners Ferry (Idaho)
  21. Belle Glade (Florida)
  22. Littleton (New Hampshire)
  23. Holiday City-Berkeley (New Jersey)
  24. Conrad (Montana)
  25. Beckley (West Virginia)
  26. Whitewater (Wisconsin)
  27. Wheatland (Wyoming)
  28. Centreville (Illinois)
  29. East Cleveland (Ohio)
  30. Wewoka (Oklahoma)
  31. Deming (New Mexico)
  32. Brunswick (Georgia)
  33. Knox (Indiana)
  34. Onawa (Iowa)
  35. Fort Scott (Kansas)
  36. Glasgow (Kentucky)
  37. Bastrop (Louisiana)
  38. Hamtramck (Michigan)
  39. Presque Isle (Maine)
  40. Cumberland (Maryland)
  41. North Adams (Massachusetts)
  42. Red Cloud (Nebraska)
  43. Laughlin (Nevada)
  44. Forest City (North Carolina)
  45. New Square (New York)
  46. Devils Lake (North Dakota)
  47. Brainerd (Minnesota)
  48. Fredericktown (Missouri)
  49. Coquille (Oregon)
  50. Johnstown (Pennsylvania)
  51. Central Falls (Rhode Island)

We hope this list of some below-poverty line areas will help you a lot but If you do not want to visit there so we have one more solution for you in it you can visit any nearby orphanage and donate your old clothes to those children. This will provide you a gentle pleasure in helping those children who do not have parents.

where to donate indian clothes in usa
where to donate indian clothes in usa

Other Non-profit Corporations

Some other stores or non-profit corporations in which you can donate several things to the poor and needy people. So, you can also reach these corporations too for donating your clothes and other things.

Some of the well-known corporations that donate to poor people are listed below.

S. NoOrganizations for donationType of Organization
1.Discovery StoreNon-profit
2.Akhuwat’s clothes BankNon-profit
3.Dream DressesNon-profit
4.Goodwill Indutries International, Inc.Non-profit
5.Project G.L.A.MNon-profit
6.American Red CrossNon-profit
7.Dress for SuccessNon-profit
8.One Warm CoatNon-profit
11.Room to GrowNon-profit
12.Salvation ArmyNon-profit


where can I donate Indian clothes near me

The one and best way that you can use to donate Indian clothes are to donate these clothes to any nearby orphanage or provide them to any non-profit corporation. This is a step of human kindness and you will get good wishes from those parentless children.

Where to Donate Pakistani clothes in USA

It is very easy to donate your clothes in the USA. You can use any method among all the ways to donate Pakistani clothes in the USA. In the below article, we told you about the best and very easy way that will help you to donate your clothes in the USA.

Donate Indian clothes in NJ

For the people who belong to New Jersey (NJ) and want to donate Indian clothes. So, here’s the best choice for you. You can donate these clothes to the poor areas of New Jersey. The two poor places in New Jersey are Holiday City-Berkeley (New Jersey) and Newark (New Jersey).

Donate clothes to India from USA

To donate Indian clothes from the USA, especially California. We have a smart suggestion for you to provide these clothes to some non-profit cloth-donating corporations or donate these clothes to any nearby poor city people. The List of some non-profit corporations and poor cities near California is given below in our article.

Where can I donate Indian clothes in USA

In the case of the United States of America, the best ethical place to donate clothes is Goodwill. Goodwill is a non-profit corporation that used to donate clothes to poor as well as needy people. So, if you are interested or want to donate clothes to poor and needy people then you can do this through the Goodwill organization.

What are the benefits of donating to charity?

There are several benefits of donating to charity but one of the biggest benefits of donating to charity is that you are doing a good job for society so the almighty God will definitely bless you. Donating to charity makes you feel happy and gives you self-satisfaction.


There are many people who wish to do some work for human welfare. So, many people think to donate clothes to India from USA. So, here we helped you with some amazing ways to do this.

In this article, we help you with donating clothes and shared three different ways that will help you to donate Indian clothes in USA. You can go and read about it in case you skipped that important content.

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Donating something to poor and needy people is a good step for human welfare. This is also a good habit for that sake you may have seen donation boxes in schools. There are some crucial benefits of a donation box at schools. These donation boxes have their own benefits.

We hope all of you enjoyed this post and found it very interesting so please tell us your ideas in the comment section below.

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