which non farm activities are practiced in palampur write a short note

Q- Which non–farming activities are practiced in palampur? Write a short note.

Answer:- the non farming activities are:-

Dairy farming

· People used to feed their buffalos with various kind of grass, jawar etc which grows in rainy season

· The milk is sold in nearby villages

· The milk was exported to far towns and cities


Small – scale manufacturing:

· Manufacturing of goods in palmpur  is done in a small scale

· Most of the manufacturing is carried out at home

· Manufacturing is mostly done by the family members and labors are rarely hired


· Shopkeepers buy goods from the wholesale markets at low price and sell them in retail with high prices

· Small shopkeepers in the village sell wide range of items like soap, pulses, grains, biscuits, pen, pencils and all general store material

· Those families having houses near the stand and public places use to open shops in their houses



· Jeep drivers, tractor drivers and other like truck drivers, tongawallahs etc. use their vehicles in the transport services and earn

· They carry people and good from one place to another place and take money for that

· The number of people in the transport services have risen over the year


Self – employed:-

· Some people in the village are self employed like they have opened coaching institutes, stitching classes, computer institute or other non – farming activities through which they earn money and manage their livelihood

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