Which terms were used by Nazis for torturing undesirable

 Q- Which terms were used by Nazis for torturing ‘undesirable’?

Answer- The Nazis used the term ‘Special treatment’ for torturing ‘undesirables’. They were sent through special trains to concentration and detention camps to kill them in a large number. This was one of the biggest agenda of Nazi party in Germany to kill Non-Aryan people (people who do not belongs to aryan race) by using the word ‘special treatment’ for them. The Nazi party used to collect non-aryan people for special treatment and instead of it they all were sent to detention camps and gas chambers.

In the above answer e learnt the answer of question that asked which terms were used by nazis for torturing undesirable. So, we hope that now the answer of this question is clear. So, we are going to tell you about Nazi party in little detail. Keep reading this article and you can also note down the answer of question given above.

Nazi party was also called as National Socialist German Worker’s party. The main motive of Nazi party was to spread the ideology of Nazism and made Germany a pure Aryan country. This party was introduced or formed by Hitler in Germany. In starting of Nazi party there were no many supporters of Nazi. But after taking the advantage of economic crisis Germany. Hitler promoted his party by giving promises to people of making Germany a powerful and developed nation. As Hitler was a powerful speaker majority of the people started trusting on him and after few years Nazi party won election in Germany. After it, Hitler started increasing his powers to acquire whole nation. With the passage of time Nazi party acquired rule over Germany. After it Hitler started mass killing of non-Aryan people in Germany. He want to increase the population of pure Aryan people in Germany.

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