Which World War situation discredited the government of Russia and the Czar

Q- Which World war situation discredited the government of Russia and the Czar?

Answer- There were over 7 million causalities by 1917 and the Russian army destroyed crops and buildings to prevent the enemy from being able to live off the land. This situation described the government of Russia and Czar Nichalos II. In other words it was the first World war that was ended by Czar Nichalos II that discredited the government of Russia and the czar.

The above answer is in very simple language and we hope that now you understood properly the answer of the question ‘which world war situation discredited the government of russia and the czar‘. So if you want to read more about Russian Revolution and all other activities that were done in background of it. So, the paragraphs given below might be very helpful for you: 

The Russian Revolution took place on year 1905. This was the seed that further leads to Revolution of year 1917. On the background of Russian Revolution the Bloody Sunday agitated Russian people and this leads to a nationwide protest. There were several social changes, economical changes as well as political issues that leads to the agitation of Russian people. We are going to tell you about them one by one below:

  • Economical changes: Before the Russian Revolution of year 1917, there was a huge economical crisis in Russia. The condition became worst when unemployment increased in such a way that workers had to work for more than 11 working hours. The amount of work is less than unemployed workers in Russia. The working condition of workers in factors and industries were worst. Between year 1890 to 1910, the population in urban cities started increasing rapidly as people from rural areas started getting shifted in urban areas for some employment. On the other hand there was a rapid industrialization between the year 1890 to 1910, this was also on of the major reason behind increase in population of urban areas in Russia.
  • Social changes: There are were several social causes that lead to Russian Revolution but the main role that was played in social background of Russian societies was of Tsarists regime. The Tsarists regime used to suppress the people of lower classes. At the same period the Nicholas’s failed in World War I. The problem increased when Sergei Whitte’s land reform of early 20th century failed.
  • Political Issues: At that time Nicholas II was the ruling autocracy ad because if their strict and forceful ruling policies most of the people are dissatisfied from their rule. The Dissatisfied people from Autocracy of Russia, the Russian people started revolution against it. This further became the reason of The Bloody Sunday Massacre of year 1905.

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