Who represented the National Assembly on 5 May 1789

Q- who represented the National Assembly on 5th may 1789?

Answer- On 5th May 1789, Louis 16 who was the king of France at that time called together an assembly of estate general to pass proposals for implementation of new taxes on people of third estate. A resplendent hall in Versailles was prepared to host the delegates. In that meeting the placement or seating of members of all the three estates of France is as follows:

The first and the second estates send 300 representatives each, who were seated in rows facing each other on 2 sides while the 600 members of third estate had to stand at the back. The third estate was represented by its more prosperous and educated members. Peasants, Artisans and women were denied entry to the assembly. In this meeting all the three estates have one vote so the first and second estate voted to implement taxes on the people of the third estate this made people of third estate angry and they moved out from the meeting hall. 

These representatives of third estate form National Assembly and started drafting their own constitution in Versailles. In this way the 600 representatives of third estate represented the National Assembly on 5th May 1789 form National Assembly and with the time they drafted their own constitution.

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